The Meeting space will be closing, indefinitely, as of July 1, 2018.



Please call our main office (Care From the Heart), and ask for Rachael or Janez. 508-419-1879

Looking to start something up, but not quite sure where to start? This might be for you! We have all the fixings, already set up for you. Just walk right in... either pick up where we left off, or take the business wherever you want to go with it... the possibilities are endless! 

The feedback we have gotten on this Space is excellent! There has been a great deal of interest, it is just a matter of getting out there, getting the word out, and making it happen! Call or stop by today!

***$5000 investment, includes business name, any signage and collateral, 4 8ft. folding tables, 40 black stackable chairs, four brown armchairs, 1 podium, 1 8ft. conference table in excellent/new condition, 8 dark teal armchairs, 2 bright teal armchairs, 2 sidebars/coffee stations, 2 TVs, 8ft. projection screen, book shelf, 2 plants. Also included, terms and conditions policy and forms. The current space has a capacity of 40 people, and rent for this space would be worked out between the buyer and the landlord.

Located in Summerfield Park in Mashpee, right next to Care... From the Heart, LLC.